Trump Gives “Make America Great Again” Hats Iconic Treatment

Photo: Rhona Wise/Getty Images.
The Trump campaign went beyond balloons and streamers to decorate the stage for election night. Party goers report that there are hats sitting on pedestals inside glass cases. Refinery29's Lilli Petersen, who is on the ground at the Midtown Hilton Hotel, confirms that there are, in fact, two red "Make America Great Again" hats at either end of the stage, each in a protective casing. When our reporter asked staffers why the hats were on stage, and being featured so prominently, they could not provide an answer. Apparently, staffers were given no information or talking points on the hats and their iconic treatment. It's unclear if either of the hats are the originals worn by Trump on the campaign trail or might be part of a giveaway.
Photo: Lilli Peterson.
Twitter responded to the MAGA hats with humor and speculation. One user tweeted, "Is that a glass case of emotion?" Another asked, "Is the glass case also made in China?" One user simply said, "This is the worst trophy ever."

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