Negan’s Other Favorite Weapon Might Be Worse Than Lucille

Photo: Courtesy of AMC.
Walking Dead viewers can agree that Negan is pretty much the worst human being there's ever been on the show. The merciless villain enjoys acting like a dictator and bashing people's heads in, for example. But it turns out that we haven't even seen the worst of Negan yet — something comic-book readers already know. [Minor spoiler ahead]
Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) actually has another beloved weapon in his arsenal — and it's just as treacherous as Lucille, the barbed baseball bat he swings around. In the Walking Dead graphic novels written by Robert Kirkman, Negan wields a scalding hot iron to burn the skin of the poor souls who cross him. He heats the iron up over a fire and then presses it into somebody's skin, burning and scarring them.
The Walking Dead show-runners are good to their fans, so they sneaked a fun little easter egg into the season seven credits, as PopSugar noticed. When Jeffrey Dean Morgan's name flashes, it's set on a background of an iron warming up by a big fire. Ominous! We're terrified to see how he uses it... but also a little excited in an admittedly sick way.
Photo: Courtesy of AMC.

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