This Woke Song Is Every White Male Feminist’s Anthem & At Least They’re Trying?

Photo: THE STATION by Maker/YouTube
Can white guys really be woke? If so, this new video shows just how hard they're trying. "White Male Feminist," from YouTube channel The Station by Maker, perfectly describes the white men who declare themselves feminists — mostly so women will start respecting them again. Women's issues don't seem to register with many men. This is simply because most have never had to deal with the types of bias women do daily. A dude likely won't face sexual harassment because he dared to walk down the street, or have his right to choose what to do with his body taken by politicians. Many women are fed up with the men who spew things like "#NotAllMen" instead of listening to the problems the ladies in their lives are struggling with. The Woke Bois, however, finally removed their heads from the sand to listen to the feminists in their life — and the results are hilarious. The Woke Bois lament about how they finally understand why calling a grown woman a "girl" is infantilizing, the importance of checking one's white male privilege, and the reason consent is so damn important in a sexual relationship.
Of course, the video isn't totally serious: it's clearly pointing a finger at white male feminists who want a gold star for being decent human beings. One of the Woke Bois holds up a sign that reads "PLEASE UNBLOCK ME DANIELLE," proving that his white male feminism does have an ulterior motive. Points for trying, Woke Bois, but you don't get a medal for declaring yourself a feminist — it's what you were supposed to be doing all along.

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