Going Into Labor Didn’t Stop This Woman From Voting, So What’s Your Excuse?

Sosha Adelstein and her husband Max Brandel, both Hillary Clinton supporters, couldn't wait to vote for her on Election Day. But there was one minor problem: That was also the day their first baby was expected. Nothing was going to stop them from voting, though. When Adelstein went in to an early labor at around 1:30 last Friday morning, she and Brandel decided to cast their ballots early. They swung by the Boulder, CO County Clerk and Recorder's Office before hightailing it to the delivery room. "The election judge could tell she was in labor," the office's spokesperson Mircalla Wozniak told The Daily Camera, a Boulder newspaper. In a photo they snapped at the "selfie station," she said, Adelstein was visibly in pain. Brandel told The Daily Camera from the hospital that his wife was "doing great," and from the looks of his Facebook page, they welcomed their child to this country just in time for everyone else's votes to start rolling in.
"It's really important for us to bring our girl into a world we are proud of," he said. "We hope people realize the risks inherent in this election and get out and vote." Now they've got a great story to tell their daughter about how she was born — and to tell everyone else to prove there's really no excuse for not voting. Find your polling place by checking your local Board of Elections website.

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