The Best Theories For How Gilmore Girls Will End

Forget Thanksgiving: The most exciting thing about November is the return of Gilmore Girls.

The fast-talking family drama ended after seven seasons, but while we may have bid farewell to Rory, Lorelai, and the rest of the Stars Hollow gang in 2007, the Gilmore rumor mill hasn't stopped churning. As we know from the trailer for the Netflix reboot — titled Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life — Rory and Lorelai have been busy in the years since the show's finale. On November 25, you'll be able to digest those turkey leftovers while catching up on all things Gilmore with four 90-minute movies — one for each season. Will they answer all of our burning Gilmore Girls questions? We certainly hope so.
As beloved as Gilmore Girls was when it went off the air, the show neglected to wrap up some of the plot lines that fans so desperately wanted resolved. Sure, Rory dumped her less-than-perfect boyfriend Logan in order to pursue a political journalism career, and Lorelai finally got back together with her perfect-for-her boyfriend Luke, but the series was hardly tied up in a neat little bow. The lives of Rory and Lorelai will never be "neat," of course, but they still deserve the happy ending we hoped for them. And maybe, just maybe, Netflix will provide that.
There are so many theories for how Netflix could end the Gilmore story — here are a few of our favorites.

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