We’re Still Not Buying That Daryl Might Die On The Walking Dead

Photo: Gene Page/AMC
One of The Walking Dead's most beloved characters could meet his maker. Clues point to Daryl dying in season 7 of TWD, but could he really be dead before the season is out? Eh...I'm not so sure. Prior to the season 7 premiere, which saw Negan taking his barbed-wire bat to poor Glenn, fans suspected that Daryl was on the chopping block. Blame AMC: the network released teasers that fans saw as implying Daryl was the next to go. In one scene, Dwight was shown wearing Daryl's motorcycle jacket. A conversation about "right-hand men" tormented fans with the possibility that we would lose one of Rick's guys. Technically, we did, as Abraham was offed. Also, a shot lingered on a blanket that Daryl had been wearing. Small signs, but ones that could have hinted at Daryl's sad fate — if Daryl actually met that fate, of course. Daryl survived the deadly season 7 premiere, but fans are still unsure about his ability to survive the rest of the season. It's true that things are looking pretty bleak for him — he was just kidnapped by Negan, the worst villain the Walking Dead has to offer. The new teaser for season 7, episode 3, "The Cell," shows Negan laughing at Daryl's lack of fear, but how long will it be until he can break Daryl completely?
There's one other big clue fans are pointing to when it comes to Daryl's potential demise. Actor Norman Reedus teased to Entertainment Weekly that Daryl "never forgives" himself for his role in Glenn's death. The word "never" is interesting — if Daryl is still alive, "hasn't forgiven himself" might make more sense. Could Reedus have accidentally dropped a clue that Daryl dies shortly after Glenn's death? Err, maybe — perhaps Reedus purposefully chose those words to troll us all. The Walking Dead is famous for onscreen "deaths" that end up being a total sham (remember Glenn's dumpster dive?). Maybe TWD is merely building suspense to keep us on our toes — and ultra-nervous for Daryl — throughout the high-stakes of season 7. But will they ever pull the trigger and dump Daryl entirely? I'm not convinced. Frankly, Daryl brings too much to the table as a living character for anyone to want to see the aftermath of his death.

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