This Hamilton Star Is Laying Out Everything You Need To Know About The Election

Celebrities have not been shy about weighing in on the presidential election this year. But Daveed Diggs is taking it one step further. The Hamilton star, together with Humanity for Hillary, made a hilarious eight-and-a-half minute PSA comparing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on the major issues of the election. In the video, he appeals to millennials to really examine the candidate's policies on climate change, immigration, health care, and yes, women’s rights. "Donald Trump… It’s painful to even repeat this, but years before the hot mic incident, he literally said, ‘You have to treat women like shit,’” Diggs says, with a little side-eye and shake of his head. “And his policies follow through on that,” Diggs continues on, listing Trump’s statements on defunding Planned Parenthood, abortion rights, and sexual assault. “Seriously, the more we talk about Trump, the more I feel like I need to cleanse in a healing bath of Himalayan pink salt and lavender essence,” Diggs says, closing his eyes and turning up his face with a deep sigh. “I’ll be home soon.” Plenty of celebrities have spoken out in support of candidates in the 2016 election, but not always in the kind of in-depth way that Diggs is here, and not always with the same sense of humor. “We wish Daveed could break down ALL political decisions for our country,” Laura Dawn, the executive director of Humanity for Hillary, who also directed the video, said in a statement. "It's up to us to create the country we want to live in," Diggs concludes, calling on everyone to get out to the polls. "Your vote is your decision, on not only your future, but everybody else’s. And I prefer the future where Donald Trump goes back to reality TV where he belongs."

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