Khloé Kardashian Thinks The Rob-Chyna-Tyga-Kylie Situation Is “Fun”

You pretty much need a diagram and a guide book to fully grasp the complexity of the Kardashian family relations. The short version is that Rob Kardashian is about to have a baby with Blac Chyna, who already has a son with Tyga, Kylie Jenner's boyfriend. We won't even touch the comments The Game has made. Jimmy Kimmel couldn't resist poking fun at the twisted family tree during Khloé Kardashian's appearance on his show last night. "Aren't you not supposed to mix the gene pool like this?" the host joked. "Doesn't this result in Deliverance-type situations?" "It's fun this way," Kardashian shot back. "It makes our holidays a little more concise." Sure. You only need to invite, like, five people. Though Kardashian has famously had issues with her brother and Blac Chyna in the past, she defended their parenting skills. "Rob has so many traits like my dad, so I think he's going to be great with the baby," she shared. "I'm sure he's nervous. I think any new dad should be." Watch the clip below for Kardashian's take on the family's upcoming addition.

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