Kesha Shows Off Her New Tattoos In The Most Kesha Way Possible

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. had to immortalize last night❤️

A photo posted by Kesha (@iiswhoiis) on

Most of us ditch the Halloween costume the minute we come home from the night’s festivities. As for Kesha? She repurposes it — permanently. After dressing up as a narwhal (a tusked whale that basically looks like a sea unicorn) for All Hallows' Eve, the singer shared a photo of her newly tattooed arm, which looked eerily familiar, on Instagram. As you can see in the photo above, the blue and speckled narwhal body ink was inspired by her getup: “haaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. had to immortalize last night,” she captioned it.
A few hours later, Kesha shared yet another new tattoo on Instagram. This time, it was a smiley face, front-and-center on her middle finger. The singer showed off her new body art by proudly flipping the bird, saying, “MOTHERFUCKERS CANT TOUCH MY HAPPINESSSSSS. BOOM” and then thanking her tattooist, Derrick Snodgrass. Between the smiling sea creature and the strategically placed happy face — gestures be damned — we can't help but be inspired by Kesha for putting a positive spin on absolutely everything she does.

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