The Obamas Deliver Halloween Treat: Dancing “Thriller” With Children

Barack and Michelle Obama, America's cool parents, further proved their Halloween bona fides today when they did the zombie dance from "Thriller" in front of a crowd of children and adoring press. First, may we say: We don't know what's scarier, all the demons being unleashed into the world on this day of terrors or the dang 2016 Presidential election. Second, here's the video.
Comforting to know that the President and First Lady dance to "Thriller" about as well as Michael Jackson, who is dead. Perhaps the thing we'll miss most about this administration is Michelle's impeccable fashion and Barack putting on a sweater over his mom jeans. It's just like your parents, when your dad walks out in a ratty t-shirt and your mom says, "When are you getting changed for the party?" Your dad opens his mouth to say something, closes it, half-smiles, and says, "Right now!" Then he comes out in a begrudging sweater. Crisis averted, marriage saved, and now we can have our Halloween in relative bliss.

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