People Are Dressing Their Kids Up As Gordon Ramsay For Halloween & We Can’t Handle It

It's always fun to use your Halloween costume to pay homage to an iconic pop culture moment from the past year. And when musing on that list for 2016, we cannot leave out Gordon Ramsay's baby dopplegänger. Whether it's because of this viral moment or because of a general soft spot for the crass celebrity chef, many people are dressing up their kids as Ramsay this Halloween. Eater drew our attention to a photo retweeted early this morning by Chef Ramsay. The picture, originally shared by @Bene_fits1, showed a little blond boy dressed in a tiny chef's coat. He looked eerily similar to the tough TV chef, with his hair askew in the perfect way and scowl lines drawn onto his forehead.
The photo was soon followed by another retweet by Ramsay of a different child impersonator. This picture from @RosMcC featured a boy rocking a blond wig and holding a fake knife and sharpener, just as the chef does in some of his most famous photos.
The resemblances are (dare we say?) spooky. Although we do hope these kids know fewer curse words than Ramsay does. Plus, the costumes look relatively simple to put together, so if you're still last-minute brainstorming for some lucky kiddo's trick-or-treat getup, consider this option. You may just get retweeted by Ramsay himself.

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