Meet Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Baby Doppelgänger

This is one of the most unexpected celebrity lookalikes we’ve ever seen. Claire Dempster, a mother from Wales, tweeted a photo yesterday of her new baby boy who looks an awful lot like celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.
And this isn't just another mom thinking her child is special. The similarities actually are uncanny. Dempster’s son, Arlo-Blue has a nice tuft of fluffy blond hair and blue eyes just like Ramsay, and the mother told BuzzFeed her baby even has Ramsay’s temper when he’s hungry. In her tweet to Gordon Ramsay, Dempster jokingly asked if he had been in her area around 10 months ago. She never thought the Tweet would reach so many people, and she definitely didn't think chef Ramsay would respond. But the British chef joked right back with a tweet saying he had indeed been in Wales 11 months ago.
Dempster told BuzzFeed, she thought it was "brilliant" that he responded via Twitter, as she's a huge fan. It looks like Arlo-Blue will have a leg up if he enters an upcoming season of MasterChef Junior. (BuzzFeed)

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