The German Band Every Feminist Should Rock Out To

"Who put you in chains? Chains of silver and gold. Could you choose this yourself? Did you want it yourself? Do you know who you're trying to please? Why are you trying to please? The weapons of a woman can hurt no one but herself." The first thing you need to know about the German band Jennifer Rostock Rather than a solo act (as the name suggests), the band is made up of five members: lead vocalist Jennifer Weist, keyboardist Johannes "Joe" Walter-Müller, guitarist Alex, bassist Christoph, and drummer Baku. But perhaps even more interesting than the group's name is its belief that we are in dire need of a more open discourse around feminism. Case in point: the new song, "Hengstin" (which translates to "stallioness"), a power anthem that is also the first song off the group's new album Genau in diesem Ton ("That tone of voice"). "We could finally make a song for all those badass women out there. Because whether you're a lawyer or a mom or both, you're still a hero. Every woman should know she's a hero and own that with a powerful attitude," lead vocalist Jennifer Weist explained to R29 while shooting the video. "'Hengstin' is more than just an eloquent objection on a badass hip-hop beat. It is just as much about celebrating our idols and our fellow female heroes who live their life the way they believe is right. Every woman is a potential stallioness — and that ought to be heard and echoed." In the video, Weist transforms from human to centaur, literally embodying the meaning and the message of the word "stallioness." Alongside her are 12 other women who represent the diverse concept of a "Hengstin:" artists, transgender models, producers — each and every one of them kicks butt in real life in their own admirable way. View the entire "Hengstin" video, below.

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