This Cafe Serves NYC’s Best Foods In Bite-Sized Form

From houses to animals, there's something charming about tiny things. And while they may not be as filling, mini foods are no exception. For proof, look no further than New York's Tiny Cafe, which is serving the smallest snacks in the Big Apple for the rest of the week, Buzzfeed reports. The menu includes bite-sized versions of some of the city's most famous dishes. The items include Jacques Torres chocolate chip cookies, Los Tacos adobado tacos, Emily Burger cheeseburgers, and Emily Luca pizzas. The tacos are so small they could fit on the tip of a chip.
And the pizza is almost the size of the pepper flakes on top of it.
It looks like they even have little silverware.

Tiny utensils for our #TinyCafe.

A photo posted by Zagat (@zagat) on

And some tiny plates.
The cafe, created by Zagat, will be in Astor Place from October 27 through 29.

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