These Tiny Houses Are Big On Halloween Spirit

Photo: Courtesy of A + E Networks.
In an episode of FYI's Tiny House Nation recently unearthed by Country Living, experts turn little cabins in the woods into haunted houses — and the results are equal parts spooky and stunning. Before we get to them, though, let's just appreciate the fact that there's an entire show dedicated to small houses. According to host John Weisbarth, there's a whole "tiny house movement" that the show is highlighting. There is something charming about them. They're almost like dollhouses you can actually live in. The Halloween episode takes place in Maryland's Blue Moon Rising, a whole village consisting of tiny houses. There, designers and directors created various Halloween settings, including a witch's coven with potions brewing, the lab of a scientist operating on a skeleton, and a circus sideshow including "the world's biggest man in the world's tiniest house." If you're looking for something to inspire your Halloween decorations, check out the episode on Amazon. And if you need some more ideas for the exterior, refer to Kylie Jenner's yard.