Exclusive: Gabby Sidibe’s Message To You — “Girl, Just Vote”

Do you know what's at stake in this election? A lot. If you need a refresher, Gabourey Sidibe is ready to enlighten you on how your vote could impact crucial issues like what happens to the historic progress we've made on marriage equality and the future of the Internet's best Tim Kaine memes. The Oscar-nominated actress comes to the rescue in a new voting PSA from Humanity for Hillary and Filmmakers for Hillary, “Girl, Just Vote," shared exclusively with Refinery29. With the help of the best GIFs and memes the internet has to offer, Sidibe makes the case for why you must get to the polls come November 8.
The video, directed by Precious producer Lisa Cortés, features a conversation many of us have already had with politically uninvolved friends. Via text, Sidibe makes an election joke — but it falls flat with her uninformed texting companion. As any good friend would, Sidibe is obligated to educate her buddy on why she needs to brush up on current events. “Apathy is not an option,” Sidibe says in the video. "Get informed, get a friend, and go to iwillvote.com.” The website provides crucial information you need to cast your ballot, including what documents you’ll need to vote in your state and where you can find your polling place. In a statement to Refinery29, Cortés explained why they made the video “Too much is at stake with this election,” she wrote. “As James Brown said, we have to get up, get into it, and get involved. I can't think of a better mode than the moving image to impart this message.” Seriously, girl, just vote. Because honestly, what else needs to be said?

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