This Is Probably Why The Vampire Diaries Stars Want Their Characters To Die A Painful Death

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Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder have a very dark ending in mind for their Vampire Diaries characters. According to their recent interview with TV Guide, the real-life Damon and Stefan want the Salvatore brothers dead by the show's series finale. Of course this isn't the first time someone has wanted Damon and Stefan to bite the dust — fighting off the supernatural villain du jour is how the Mystic Falls brothers spend their eternal lives. It's a tad surprising, however, that Wesley and Somerhalder are so eager for the characters they've spent eight years playing to burn up in the sun. "I really think [Stefan] should take off his ring and die with Damon," Wesley told the magazine. "I think that would be the perfect ending." Somerhalder offered a more bro-mantic vision. "[I think they should] sit on a beach all night drinking Caribbean rum, and when the sun comes up, [have] one last toast, give each other a hug, take off their rings and throw them into the water." We get it — vampirism hasn't exactly been fun for the boys. There aren't a lot of options when it comes to being hardwired to eat people: You could switch off your humanity and become a sociopathic "Ripper," or you could leave it on and feel immense guilt every time your hunger inevitably causes you to drain your neighbors' blood. Burning up on a beach certainly seems like a kind of atonement. Of course, there's another reason why Somerhalder and Wesley might want their characters offed in the series finale: It limits the pair's chances of returning for a Damon/Stefan spin-off. After eight seasons on the show, it's inevitable for the on-screen brothers to want to try something new. Somerhalder recently told E! News that he would like to start a family with wife Nikki Reed after The Vampire Diaries wraps and his hectic TV schedule subsides. (Aww!) As for Wesley, his IMDb page states that he's currently in preproduction on the film Convergence. Nina Dobrev dipped out of the series in order to pursue a film career, it's possible these fellas want to do the same. Regardless of whether TVD writers decide to borrow from Wesley and Somerhalder's perfect ending, there's one thing that the show needs to do first: get Damon and Elena back together.

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