Damon & Elena’s Reunion Is The Only Way To End The Vampire Diaries

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I am a Delena shipper through and through, which is why it shattered my heart into a million pieces when it was revealed that Elena was put under a sleeping spell at the end of season 6. Unfortunately, while fans like me are still reeling from Damon and Elena's love story being put on pause, there's one person who isn't so into the show pressing the "play" button. In a new interview with E! News, Ian Somerhalder admits he could take or leave a Delena reunion. But I'm not okay with that. The Vampire Diaries actor — who previously dated his TVD on-screen love interest, Nina Dobrev — was very pragmatic when asked about whether Damon and Elena should get their happy ending in the eighth and final season. Though Dobrev has not returned to the series since season 6 (save for a voice cameo in season 7), TVLine reported in August that the show is in talks to bring Dobrev/Elena back for at least one episode of season 8. However, Somerhalder told E! News he's wary about a Delena reunion because he doesn't think Damon necessarily deserves it: "I do know that's a very much anticipated storyline but I honestly just don't know... [Damon and Stefan] came into her life, and they destroyed it. Everything she's ever known is gone. Almost everyone she's ever known is dead. She burned her house down. She's now in a box." It's funny; Somerhalder is reconsidering Delena's relationship because he doesn't think Damon is worthy of Elena, which is pretty much the argument that Damon made to his love every other season. But is it a logical one? I'm not so sure. We can't separate Damon's vampireness from who he is, and it's not like Elena hasn't made some bad choices of her own. Elena accepts Damon for who he is, and he accepts her for who she is. No one said these two had to be great people in order to be a great couple. If Elena were my best friend, I'd tell her to run the hell away from this guy and find some nice pre-med student to settle down with at Whitmore College. But that's just not the world Elena and Damon live in. To judge Damon's worthiness of love based on the things he's done as a vampire would be wrong. Damon doesn't live in our world; he lives in one where, in order to survive and protect his loved ones, he has to do very bad things. And he's always a little bit better with Elena at his side.

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