The Internet Is Going Crazy For This Picture Of Shiny Legs

Are these legs super moisturized, or is something else going on? Before I tell you the answer, stare hard at this photo: Can you see it why this picture is driving fans on Twitter nuts?! Once you do, you won't be able to unsee it. According to Buzzfeed, the high-gloss legs belong to Hunter Culverhouse, who posted the photo on Instagram. But Culverhouse's shiny gams aren't an advertisement for some new beauty product — in fact, the shine is a mere optical illusion.
If you look at the entire photo, you might get clued in to what's really going on with Culverhouse's legs — just check out the art supplies situated around the room. The shine you see? It's a product of white paint, which has been streaked on in a similar pattern to how light might reflect off oil-slicked legs. As anyone who witnessed "The Dress" drama could predict, people on Twitter are having the best and worst time with this:
Viral optical illusions prove that there's often more than meets the eye — even if it drives you absolutely bonkers in the process.

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