iPhone Users Report iMessage Hack

Keep your iPhone close and your iMessage closer, because Apple has started receiving a disturbing number of complaints from users claiming that their Apple ID was hacked. The calls started coming in to support after people noticed weird messages appearing in their iMessage and were notified that their Apple IDs were being used on other devices. An employee at Mashable said that she saw a message in her iMessage from a foreign number filled with Chinese characters. Her computer alerted her to the fact that her ID was being used on another device, but it didn't give her any way to fix it. Then, the messages started flooding in, each one in Chinese from unknown numbers. This employee wasn't the only one to experience this phenomenon. After calling Apple she was told that she was one of many. Some of the victims have been posting their experiences to social media.
In some cases, Apple responded, directing people to a support page that instructs those who have been hacked to change their Apple ID passwords and to turn on two-step verification or two-factor authentication. Mashable reports that a London-based Twitter user found that these steps solved the problem. For what it's worth, the messages appear to just be spam. However, it's still concerning. As of Wednesday morning, Apple said the hack was new and that there was no way to tell if any personal information had been stolen. Anyone worried about the hack should follow these precautions.

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