Whoa, Did The Chainsmokers Just Curse Out Halsey For Defending Gaga?

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The Twitter spat between Lady Gaga and The Chainsmokers just involved another singer in an ugly, ugly way. A quick catch-up on the feud: Last week, the duo, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, dissed Gaga's new track "Illusion" in a Rolling Stone interview. On Tuesday, Lady Gaga tweeted at the band with another new song from new album Joanne called "A-Yo," the lyrics of which seemed directed at the guys. They replied to her clapback with a good natured tweet, "Haha @ladygaga RESPECT."
At this point, you'd think the hatchet would be buried. But this is Twitter, people, and petty feuds never die. Late Tuesday afternoon, singer Halsey — and Chainsmokers collaborator — unwittingly entered the fray to defend Lady Gaga, calling her an icon and an idol. Shortly after, Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers purportedly sent Halsey a nasty tweet from his personal account reading "fuck you bald bitch." The tweet was quickly deleted, but Twitter-vigilantes took screenshots of the post and are holding Taggart accountable for it. "i CANNOT believe drew just said that you MUST be kidding me," wrote the person who posted the snapshot. "[H]ow does he dare say that and then delete his tweet in 30s like a coward!!
First, Taggart said the tweet was fabricated, writing "this is fake and makes me sad u guys would think I would say something like that. To anyone." Then, a follower replied with a video of themselves clicking on the link to the tweet, proving it did at one point exist. Then, Taggart changed his tune. "Guys calm down my account was hacked," he tweeted. "I would NEVER tweet anything like that to one of my friends."
Honestly, this whole thing is getting silly and convoluted. The Chainsmokers and Halsey are indeed friends; why would Taggart start shit with her for no real reason? And Twitter hacks are disturbingly common. The less-likely alternatives are that Taggart had a quick lapse of judgement — or pulled an Anthony Weiner and didn't realize he was publicly tweeting Halsey. Either way, we're going to give Halsey the final word here. Breathe, people.

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