29 Pictures Of The Hemsworth Brothers Loving Their Dogs

Photo: Matt Baron/BEI/BEI/Shutterstock.
You may think that you love dogs. But you could never love dogs more than the Hemsworth brothers do. Yes, in addition to being a strikingly handsome trio of talented actors, these bros absolutely love pups. Black pups, white pups. Big pups, small pups. You name a pup: They love it.
And the best part of Luke, Chris, and Liam's puppy love is that it has taken over their social media presence. I can't think of another family who pays as much homage to their four-legged friends as these guys do. So just in case you ever doubted the depths of love the Hemsworths feel toward their canine companions, we scoured their Instagram feeds to illustrate it for you. And boy, oh boy, were there a lot of dog pics to mine.
Personally, I like to imagine that Liam's dream afternoon likely consists of reading scripts, playing fetch with Dora and Tani (whom you're about to meet), and then watching The Hunger Games for the 100th time. I can only hope that one day I find someone who adores me as much as the Hemsworths do dogs — it's a love so pure and true! See for yourself.

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