Where We Left Off With Each Character On The Walking Dead

Photo: Gene Page/AMC.
When The Walking Dead shuffles back onto our TV screens October 23, it will bring with it the answer to one of the most intense cliffhangers in modern television history: Who did Negan kill? Negan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan's swaggering villain, and his barbed-wire bat Lucille are poised to beat one of our survivors to death within the first minute or so of the new season.
So while we wait for his bat to come thudding home, let's refresh ourselves on where each of the living left off before the end of season 6. The obvious answer, of course, is "On their knees waiting to be capped or spared," but we'll offer a little more insight than that.
Last season on The Walking Dead ended with the show becoming a little more concerned with world-level issues. We will see the survivors planning battles, organizing trade, and fighting to determine just what the new world will be like. Before, we had single-location seasons in which survivors would talk about hazy ideals. Now we get a big show with the chance to activate some of that earlier philosophizing.
If you're anything like us, all you really remember from the last episode of The Walking Dead is Negan's bat. So let's take a look back to see where we left off with each character in this handy slideshow.

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