7-Year-Old Girl Celebrates Her Down Syndrome In A Sweet Viral Video

There are a lot of harmful misconceptions out there about Down Syndrome. The biggest one being that if you have it, something's wrong with you. And seven-year-old Sofia Sanchez just took down that myth in the most adorable way. In a video her mother Jennifer posted to Instagram for Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Sofia talks about what having Down Syndrome means to her. She explains that it's “in your blood," and when her mom asks if that makes her blood special, she responds, "Yeah!" Jennifer also asks if Down Syndrome is "scary." Sofia responds, “No, it’s not scary! It’s so exciting!” The Sanchez family sponsored Sofia when she was an orphan in the Ukraine, according to CBS News. Enamored with her photo, they adopted her when she was 16 months old, and now they all live in Rocklin, California. Sanchez told CBS that her daughter's own perspective made such a huge impact because people are used to hearing about Down Syndrome from outsiders who don't really understand it. "I’ve read message after message saying, 'It’s so inspiring to hear about someone who loves themselves so much,'" she said. "I realized that I don’t think people hear enough from people with the disability describe just how great they feel about themselves."

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