8 Investment Myths That Cost Women Millions

Photographed by Ishak Raven.
You work hard, right? You’re raising your hand for the promotion, asking for the raise, networking like crazy, and maybe even have a side hustle to bring in some additional cash. You know ambition.
But here's where things get tough for young women, specifically: While women know what it takes to be seen and have their voices heard alongside male colleagues, they still have a huge blind spot when it comes to investing. This can cause us to fall way behind men in terms of financial wealth and power, to the tune of tens of thousands, and, in some cases, even millions of dollars over the course of a lifetime.
And the gender-investing gap has huge real-world repercussions. Having less money than men can keep us in relationships we may not want to stay in, can make us play it safer at work, and can cause us to miss out on opportunities (like starting a business or buying a house).
Do I have your attention?
The good news is that the gender investing gap is fixable. And it all starts with figuring out our own investing fears and misperceptions. Click through for the eight biggest myths that are literally costing you big bucks.
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