Leslie Jones Schools Us All In The Art Of Flirting

Get out the popcorn, because Leslie Jones has a very public Twitter flirt going on that we could all learn a lot from. Well, if you want to date one of the sexiest men alive, that is.

The whole thing started innocently enough, when People's Sexiest Teacher Alive, Nicholas Ferroni, tweeted that he'd just watched the Lin-Manuel Miranda hosted episode of Saturday Night Live and some terrible joke about Axe body spray. Lesdog was on it, tweeting back to ask if he was single. Get it, girl.

He replied that sadly, he is (insert bug-eye emoji here) — and she swung back. We are about this bravado!

This is where Mr. Sexy starts getting dicey, in our opinion. This response is a little on the fence. Like, doesn't this guy know a) who he's talking to, and b) that women prefer you just to be straightforward about this stuff? Jones comes back with a joke, which is a smart move, and drops the idea of a date out there. Power-baller stuff.

After a little more back and forth, things got real.

He had to drag Miranda into it for a second, but then, Mr. Sexy finally did the dang thing!

Why bother to slip into anyone's DMs when you can just get your public flirt on, right?

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