Queen Sugar Episode 7 Recap: Home Is Where The Heart Is

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Haven't we all laid heartbroken, staring into space as someone encourages us to eat something because it will make us feel better? That's how the seventh episode of Queen Sugar opens, with Charley's aunt Violet unsuccessfully trying to console her as she deals with the aftermath of Davis' transgressions. Violet tells Charley that if she won't talk to her, she at least needs to talk to her son.

In a heartbreaking scene — but gorgeous, too, thanks to the lush Louisiana background — Charley admits to Micah that it's over between her and his father. Micah is understandably upset, and we can see before our eyes that he's beginning to harden; he's no longer the sweet naive boy he was just seven episodes ago, and we see evidence of that in what follows.

There's good news and bad news for viewers: Cutie-pie Blue is back, but he's asking to see his mother again. Ralph Angel doesn't have a chance to respond before his parole officer arrives for a home visit to remind him that technically, Violet is Blue's legal guardian — so unless she signs Blue over to Ralph, Blue should be living with her. The officer also reminds Ralph that that he's now jobless; he needs to be receiving a 40-hour-per-week pay stub if he wants the farm to be his full-time job.

Charley is back on the farm, working alongside Remy to get the seed cane planted. But when the delivery guy asks for payment for fertilizer, her card is declined. A quick call to the bank reveals that it's because of a $10,000 charge to a bail bond company. Uh oh. Nova's been caught.

But Nova isn't worried; in fact, she has a new boo: Chantal, as the show hinted at last episode. "I'm feeling something I haven't felt in a very long time," Nova tells Chantal. "Free." But her free, happy bubble quickly bursts when Charley charges up to Nova's house to confront her. Nova tries to apologize, but Charley ain't having it.

That's just the beginning of Charley's bad day. Over lunch, Ralph Angel breaks the news that their father's deal with the local sugar cane mill hasn't been renewed. Charley says she'll handle it and that Ralph Angel should just focus on the farming — which he says he plans to do, if she can hire him as an official employee. Already irritated after her argument with Nova, Charley takes this as just another family member trying to take her money and storms off.

Ralph isn't too bothered, though, and starts flirting with his waitress, Roberta — that's right, the same Roberta who had her sights set on Hollywood in episode 3 — telling her she needs to come visit his farm. Aunt Violet wastes no time cutting their conversation short, though, giving Roberta some major side-eye. But Ralph has a question for Violet: Will she give him custody of Blue again?

Surprisingly, Violet says no. And here's where we finally find out Ralph's baby mama drama: Violet won't risk doing anything that could land Blue back in the custody of his mother, whom Hollywood once found turning tricks in a shed while her dehydrated baby lay right next to her. Wow. I knew this backstory was going to be heavy, but that is real.

Meanwhile, Nova takes pity on a clearly bored-out-of-his-mind Micah and takes him to an art exhibit in New Orleans that she's doing a story on. (I was so glad that the showrunners featured a real New Orleans artist, BMike, whose exhibit is currently in NOLA.) Micah is clearly intrigued learning about young black men just like himself who have been slain unnecessarily and far too young (message!), but his reverie is interrupted by an angry phone call from his mom, who isn't too happy he went gallivanting off with his aunt, considering they're beefing right now.
Photo: Courtesy of OWN.
But arguments aside, it's time to celebrate: Hollywood is back in town, and the family is planning a neighborhood-wide crawfish boil to welcome him back. But before the party begins, he receives a frantic phone call from his wife, Leann — which Micah overhears. Uh oh.

As the family begins to set up the block party, Charley goes to confront Nova about taking her son without asking — then overhears her on the phone with Calvin referencing his wife. Charley basically tells her sister that she has some nerve trying to comment on her life when she's been seeing a married man.

Hollywood and Micah look on as the sisters argue, and Hollywood comments that they need to just talk it out. Micah snaps and tells Hollywood that he needs to take his own advice and talk to Violet about whoever the "Leann" person is that keeps calling him. Yup, poor Micah is indeed being forced to grow up, perhaps sooner than he was prepared for.

The family is having a good ol' time at the crawfish boil, except for Charley, who's off to herself until Remy joins her. Remy admits that he had a hard time after his wife died, and they share a tender moment talking about grief — just one more reason for me to maintain my prediction that these two are going to fall in love.

And then the climax: Leann shows up, having a breakdown and screaming at Hollywood about their baby. Hollywood explains to a devastated Violet that this is his ex-wife, and she's referring to a baby they lost via miscarriage; he also tells her they're technically still married, for insurance purposes because she's mentally ill. All Violet can focus on, though, is the fact that Hollywood has been lying to her repeatedly, and she tells him to leave — and not come back. Noooo!!!!

My heart aches for Violet in this final scene. She's been hurt — publicly, much like her niece Charley was at the beginning of the season (is that a coincidence, showrunners?). This episode as a whole was pretty heart-wrenching, so I'm praying to the Queen Sugar powers that be that next week will bring us a little fun and joy. Until then!

PS: The Really?! moment of this episode is when Ralph Angel gives into Roberta's advances. When she arrives at his farm, she comments, "I had no idea how big it is." Subtle, Roberta. Reeeeal subtle.

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