Ryan Murphy Just Revealed When Evan Peters Will Show Up On AHS

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AHS Executive Producer Ryan Murphy confirmed on Twitter that Evan Peters will make his debut on tonight's episode. He also debunked the theory that Peters would be playing a producer. "Evan Peters makes his season debut in tonight's American Horror Story: Roanoke...and no, he's not playing a producer," Murphy posted. This article was originally published at 11:15 AM.

We already know that Evan Peters is part of the cast of American Horror Story: Roanoke. We even know that he dyed his hair red for the part. What we don't know is who (or, let's be honest here, what) exactly Peters will be playing. Or do we? Sadie Gennis at TV Guide has a theory, and we like it. Gennis' theory goes like this: Peters character will be a descendant of Lady Gaga's Wood Witch and Dandy Mott's ancestor Edward Phillipe Mott. The elder Mott was the only name not mentioned by Dr. Elias Cunningham in his history of the farmhouse and the list of previous victims. So, is it possible Mott Sr. didn't die but met a very different fate? "We know that during the Dying Grass Moon, the spirits are able to end life, so it's possible that during this same six-day-period, the spirits can create life as well," Gennis speculates. So, maybe instead of dying, Edward Mott had crazy Wood Witch sex with Lady Gaga. We've had hints, Gennis points out, that the witch can procreate. (See: the two red-headed boys found sucking on a pig in the woods.) As theories go, this one makes a lot of sense. Well, as much sense as anything ever does on AHS. If nothing else, it could make for some out there, not-of-this-world sex scenes.

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