Ice Cream Ramen Is Your Newest Must-Have Dessert

We here are big fans of ice cream innovation. Naturally, we all remember the ice cream that gets you drunk. Now, we bring you ice cream ramen noodles. Settle down, everyone, nobody is breaking any laws. If you make the trek to New York City's West Village, you'll find a restaurant called Dessert Kitchen. And inside Dessert Kitchen you'll find blue translucent noodles that combine all the best parts of ice cream (tasting good and sweet) with all the best parts of ramen (being noodles). Take a look at these suckers.

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usually I put music to food videos but the commentary in the background is the best ?? #RamenIceCream (? via: @eatmenyc)

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The noodles are made from agar jelly, which is cut into strips and served in a bowl atop crushed ice and alongside evaporated milk, mochi and frozen melon balls, and mango chunks. Sounds pretty good to us. Oh, and make sure you have your phone with you. Video or it didn't happen, as always.

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