Wendy Williams Calls Sean Penn "Desperate" For Dating A 24-Year-Old

Sean Penn was recently photographed kissing 24-year-old Leila George, and the internet was a bit skeptical of him potentially dating someone her age. He's 56 and his daughter Dillon is 25, according to The Mirror.

Among those who were not on board with the relationship was Wendy Williams.

"If you were a 56-year-old man...would you have any interest in dating a 24-year-old girl?" she asked on her show Monday. "I know what it is. You hit it and quit it, or a drive by…nothing to be serious about."

She also couldn't relate to George's interest. "I remember when I was 24 I couldn’t even imagine kissing anyone over 45," she said. "He smokes. Their teeth just seem so old to me. All those bridges and crowns."

But then she said she was concerned not so much about the age difference but "about the way he’s grabbing her desperately" in the photos. "I really don’t mind a desperate grab but she really does look like she’s trying to break free like, 'daddy help!'" she said.

Her "daddy" is actually actor Vincent D'Onofrio, who plays a crime boss in Netflix's Daredevil, leading to jokes on Twitter about him coming after Penn.

Williams at least wished them well, if a bit sarcastically: "Good luck, you crazy kids."

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