Ashton Kutcher Is “Double Upset” With Laura Prepon Right Now

Photo: Abel Fermin/Variety/REX.
If you get engaged, make sure Ashton Kutcher is the first to know. According to, when Kutcher was a guest co-host on Live with Kelly on Friday, he joked that he was "double upset" with former That 70's Show co-star Laura Prepon for not telling him about her engagement to Ben Foster much earlier.
Prepon announced her engagement to Foster at the premiere of the The Girl on the Train on Wednesday. When she was a guest on Live with Kelly, Kutcher said that he was mad that he had to hear the news along with the rest of the world. "I'm very upset with her! She just announced this engagement and I had to find out in the news!" Kutcher joked. "She's my friend and it's weird [to find out] like that." On the surface, it's goofy — Kutcher must have slipped Prepon's mind. But there's another layer to this so-called betrayal: he's friend's with her fiancé, too. "Like, by the way, this isn't just a random engagement! [Prepon is engaged to] another friend of mine. So I'm double upset that neither of them told me," he explained. "I got off the plane in New York like, What?!" When Kutcher confronted Prepon in person, the Orange is the New Black star's response was perfect: "I've been in prison," she said. "I have limited communication with people!" Watch the full clip, below — and remember to tell Kutcher about any future engagements.

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