15 Lies People Actually Told Their Spouses

Marriage doesn't require complete and total knowledge of your S.O. But, depending on how long you were together before getting hitched, it's pretty normal to end up learning more about your partner once you're married. We'd guess that, usually, these revelations tend to be more mundane (your weekend habits, the true extent of your jeans collection) than earth-shattering. At least, that's how we hope it goes most of the time. Of course, some people end up harboring major secrets from their loved ones, lying to them well into their marriages. These secrets might have started as white lies that simply grew over time. They may be omissions that never came to the surface on their own. Or, in more serious cases, they might be hard-to-accept truths that have stayed hidden to avoid hurting anyone. Even though these secrets mostly remain, well, secret, some people have posted their marital lies (and more) to secret-sharing app Whisper. Ahead, we've rounded up 15 of the most shocking lies people have told their spouses.
I haven't told my husband our daughter isn't his. He has raised her from the day she was born.
I told my husband that I got my tubes tied when I had my last c-section, but I really just got an IUD 6 weeks later. What if our marriage doesn't last and I find someone new.
I have 8k in credit card debt. I haven't even told my husband. I'm sure he'd divorce me if knew.
I had my boyfriend pick me up at home... I told my husband it was Uber.
I lied to my wife and said I had a raging bachelor party. 

The truth is, none of my friends showed up and I did Vegas by myself.
Lied to my wife about a business trip. I flew to Houston just to get away, stretch my legs, smoke a cigar and enjoy some time alone.
I had to pawn my wedding ring to pay for groceries. I told my husband that I lost it. I feel sick about it.
I told my wife I wanted a very small wedding so we could afford an awesome honey moon. I lied. I knew no one in my entire family would come. We eloped.
I told my wife I was in Mexico visiting my sick aunt and she just called me and said she saw me on TV at the Mexico vs Brazil match
I lost my wedding band 3days after getting married, I replaced it & never told my husband
I told my wife I had a degree but I didn't finish college. That was 6 years ago.
6 years ago I got my wife's sister pregnant. I never told my wife the truth. I feel bad.
I never told my husband that I used to trade sex for drugs before we were married. I've never told anyone.
I quit my job but told my husband I was fired
I stopped taking my birth control pills almost 6 months ago! I never told my husband. We just had sex and I'm ovulating!

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