The “Prankster” Who Attacked Kim Kardashian Did It All For Publicity

Photo: Dominique Charriau/Getty Images.
In a statement to The Associated Press, serial "prankster" Vitalii Sediuk claimed his recent attempted attack on Kim Kardashian was merely an effort "to popularize natural beauty among teenage girls." His defense comes on the heels of Kim Kardashian's response: the reality star filed a complaint with French authorities against Sediuk on Wednesday. As a result of his recent actions — he also recently accosted Gigi Hadid in Milan — Sediuk is enjoying quite a bit of internet fame. He specializes in bizarre, perverted attacks on celebrities. In the past, he stuck his face in Leonardo DiCaprio's crotch, crawled underneath America Ferrera's dress, and grabbed Brad Pitt's glasses. This encounter with Kardashian isn't his first with the reality star, either. During 2014 Paris Fashion Week, he allegedly shoved her. Sediuk is commonly cited as a "Ukranian television personality," although he has no current television presence. His Wikipedia page states Sediuk worked for 1+1, a Ukrainian television channel, until 2014. His termination in 2014 appears to be related to his encounter with Brad Pitt. The lack of a television platform, however, doesn't prevent Sediuk from getting publicity. Since 2014, he's enjoyed plenty of attention from media outlets as he continues to plague red carpets and other hives of celebrity activity. Many outlets have condemned him. In fact, based on coverage of his actions, Sediuk almost only inspires ire. Never has he been referred to as a "hilarious prankster" or "irreverent social media star." (The Atlantic called him a "dastardly villain" and a "a reprehensible piece of human garbage.") In 2014, his former publicist told Us Weekly that "it's apparent [Sediuk] has real issues that need to be dealt with." Naturally, Sediuk's claims of being a social justice warrior rings false. A man who grabs, punches, kisses, and hugs without permission is not a man who is fighting for female body diversity. Props to Kim K. for taking action against Sediuk and his increasingly violent habits.

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