This Grandpa Doing His Wife’s Hair Is Too Sweet For Words

We thought this video of a dad styling his daughter’s hair was the ultimate heart-melter. But now, one elderly couple just upped the awww-factor with this now-viral tweet. Uploaded by the pair's granddaughter, the two images show a grandpa stepping in as hairdresser for his wife. The caption reads: “My grandma had surgery on her wrist and couldn't do her own hair so my grandpa did it for her. Cuteness overload.”
We don’t know what we love more: The sheer look of determination on grandpa’s face, grandma’s serious lipstick stash, the befitting vintage dressing room and vanity, or that grandma was smooth enough to capture it all with her iPhone. What we do know is that it’s #relationshipgoals, #hairgoals, #lifegoals, #allthegoals — all in one clip. The takeaway: An injury can't stop the chic, as long as you have someone by your side who's willing to step in and style your strands like a pro.

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