Sia Just Gave Maddie Ziegler The BEST Advice — & We Can All Learn From It

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It’s a beauty lesson we learn time and time again: What sets you apart makes you beautiful. Just look to Lauren Hutton’s gapped teeth or Cindy Crawford’s mole for evidence. But here’s the thing: This crucial truth often seems to bypass teens, who are typically at a stage in life when they want to fit in more than stand out.

Luckily, dance phenom and modern-day teen Maddie Ziegler, who’s best known for her work with Sia, has the wise pop singer as a mentor. And as the dancer revealed to People, Sia passed this sage perspective on to the 13 year-old and even inspired Ziegler to not “fix” her trademark teeth.

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“She’s definitely helped me feel comfortable in my own skin,” Ziegler told the publication. “I always had a fear my teeth were too big, and I wanted to fix them. But she told me not to. She said ‘It’s what makes you, you.’ She always reminds me to stay true to myself.”

Oh, the hours of pining we could have saved if we had had a mentor like that. Ziegler continues, “I can’t be perfect at everything and I don’t want to look perfect, because I learned to be comfortable and flaws are actually beautiful.” It’s solid piece of mind, no matter what your age.


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