Girl On The Train‘s Author Thinks Emily Blunt Is Too Attractive To Play The Lead

You often hear about actresses being turned down for roles on the grounds that they're allegedly too old or not beautiful enough. But this is less common. Paula Hawkins, author of Girl On The Train, thinks Emily Blunt is too attractive to play the lead, Rachel, in the book's film adaptation. "She's too beautiful to play Rachel," she told the The Daily Mail. "They've done their best, I mean to sort of make her look a bit s--t, but you know..." The character was supposed to have a larger body type, Hawkins said. Perhaps this would've been an opportunity to cast someone who doesn't have the body typically idealized in the media. It's rare to see leading ladies who aren't thin, young, and conventionally attractive. Nevertheless, Hawkins admitted that Blunt did a good job with the movie, which she's gotten to see a clip of already. In it, Blunt plays a woman entangled in a murder mystery. She spends her commute fantasizing about a couple she sees through the train window, who happen to live near her ex-husband and the woman he left her for. The movie, which hits theaters on October 7, has been compared to Gone Girl and looks just as creepy from the trailer.

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