Brangelina Fans Are Trolling Marion Cotillard’s Facebook

Photo: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images.
Every breakup needs a scapegoat. After the unfortunate demise of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's marriage, the internet mourned — briefly. Shortly after news of their divorce, the internet wiped its tears and geared up to do what it does best: troll. Media sources have speculated that Marion Cotillard, 2007 Best Actress Oscar winner and all-around cool French woman, is to blame for the split. And Cotillard's Facebook page is now crawling with the internet's worst. Pitchforks brandished, trolls have taken to the page to call Cotillard a number of slurs. "Home-wrecker" makes an appearance. Some users opt for a vomiting emoji. Others use more colorful terms. (It's the internet. What could we expect?) The comments are a modern-day attempt to brand Cotillard with a scarlet letter. Observe a few samples, below.
People will rush at any opportunity to make accusations online. In the realm of social media, there is no right to a trial by jury; verdicts arrive quickly, viciously, and without cause. Recall the disdain for (and speculation about) "Becky with the good hair" that occurred after the release of Beyoncé's Lemonade. Fans of the album slammed celebrities Rita Ora, Taylor Swift, and Rachel Roy. Related: "Marion Cotillard Isn't To Blame For Brangelina" Cotillard doesn't deserve this vitriol. Period. It's time for people to cool their guns and consider more pressing causes.

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