The Game Says He Slept With Three Kardashians On The Wendy Williams Show

Today rapper The Game appeared on The Wendy Williams Show to promote his new album, 1992. While he did discuss his music, the conversation eventually turned to his sex life — specifically, the three reality TV stars he claims to have slept with.
Williams, after explaining one of his new songs alludes to the fact that he slept with three Kardashians, asked him to specify which members of the reality royal family he was referring to. He simply sighed when asked about Khloé, saying vaguely, "Sometimes it gets late at night, and you know, you just, people..." He clearly denied hooking up with Kourtney, but he wouldn't deny having a history with Kim, though he insisted he didn't want to insult his friend Kanye and their family.
The Game's effort to be respectful of a woman's privacy only if she's married to his friend is problematic. It seems to fit his history, however, of showing women respect or a lack of it depending on how he feels about their partner. On September 16, he posted a photo of himself with Nicki Minaj on Instagram. The rapper, who is currently in a feud with Minaj's boyfriend Meek Mill, captioned the photo, "The last time Nicki held a REAL [racial slur]."
While he seemed reluctant to play Williams' guessing game at first, he readily offered up the third Kardashian he slept with — the soon to be Mrs. Rob Kardashain, Blac Chyna. "I'm a good guy, they're good people, and it's all love," he said as a way of signing off on the interview. Whether the women he name dropped would consider airing their sexual past on national TV "all love" is unclear.

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