Phoebe Robinson Fights The Pay Gap In The Best Way Ever

As the host of RIOT's Woke Bae, we already know comedian Phoebe Robinson is funny AF while getting serious about major issues like feminism and intersectionality. Now, in partnership with the nonprofit Make It Work, Robinson is tackling the pay gap — or rather, tackling the arguments of people who deny the problem's existence. Because here's the thing: Despite the fact that countless studies have shown that it happens, regardless of industry, regardless of education, regardless of income level, there are still people who say it doesn't. So how do you shut them down and help them see that this is A Thing? That's where Phoebe Robinson comes in. In this video, Robinson dispels three of the biggest myths that continue to perpetuate the pay gap. (Hint: It's not because women tend to work at lower-paying jobs!) As more and more celebrities speak up about the pay gap — last week, The Huffington Post released a satirical video starring Kristen Bell to bring light to the issue — let's hope people finally begin to recognize it and fight for change.

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