Tinashe Brilliantly Shut Down Comments That She’s Copying FKA Twigs

Think twice before you accuse Tinashe of cribbing FKA Twigs' style. The singer is armed with the perfect retort. One Tinashe fan found this out the hard way when he or she posted a comment criticizing the singer's hair and outfits for being "very much Twigs." "Don't get me wrong," the fan wrote in a since-deleted comment shared by Marie Claire. "Your mixtapes are dope and your first album [too], but damn girl, someone needs to get it together for you. Love the hair and outfit but it's very much Twigs." The commenter seems to be referring to Tinashe's braided, half-up, half-down hairstyle and slashed skirt for a recent performance. FKA Twigs often wears her hair in similar braids, but one certainly wouldn't mistake the two women.
As it happens, Tinashe wasn't looking for any feedback. Her (again, since-deleted) response perfectly sums about why comparing two female performers is sexist and restrictive. "Bye!" she shot back. "I'm sick of y'all pitting all us female artists against each other. You don't get mad that 75 rappers look exactly alike, same hair/clothes everything, but you want me to be 'copying' the other girls so bad. Twigs and I have veryyy different vibes. Even if she were ever to wear a look like this, does that mean no one is ever allowed to wear a similar hairstyle? Because Beyoncé wears leotards a lot, and if I decide to wear a [leotard] one day, am I trying to look like Beyoncé? No! "Everything doesn't need to be a competition. Please just let me do my thing and stop trying to bring me down."
Mic. Drop. Click below to see screenshots of the exchange.

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