Here’s Why Twitter Is Going Nuts About JonBenét Ramsey

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The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey has ignited a miniature firestorm of controversy. An FBI agent who worked on the JonBenét Ramsey investigation has strong feelings about the family's exoneration in Ramsey's murder. Specifically, he feels that they shouldn't have been let off the hook so easily. The cold case is being re-examined in a two-part, four-hour CBS investigatory documentary. Naturally, theories abound. And it's possible that, due to new DNA testing, the series could identify a suspect. Jim Clemente, a former FBI agent and profiler that started on the case a year in, co-created the CBS series and spoke to Cosmopolitan about why.
"What I will say is that I have never, ever, in my entire career in law enforcement spanning over 30 years, seen a case in which a DA has issued a letter exonerating somebody, period," Clemente told Cosmo. "But exonerating somebody based on one type of evidence – to me that is absurd." Clemente says that the show won't just be a rehash of the mystery. They went so far as to rebuild the house to recreate the crime scene. "When we put all the pieces together, brick by brick, all of the experts - sometimes with a little argument, tension, tearing different issues apart - we all came to one comprehensive theory as to what happened that day," Clemente told Cosmo.

And they will indeed name a suspect, retired FBI agent James Fitzgerald tells Yahoo. So far, the suspect appears to be Ramsey's brother Burke. He recently appeared on Dr. Phil to discuss the case. Twitter seems to think that he murdered his sister, and that his parents covered it up.
Additionally, people are upset about a scene in which a ten-year-old smashes a skull that's wearing a blonde wig. Objectively, that's a bizarre thing to show on TV.
The show will reveal its suspect during its second and final episode, slated to air Monday.

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