This Little Boy Denied Playing With His Sister’s Makeup — & It’s Hilarious

We all have that friend (or are that friend) who claims to be makeup-free, despite the contrary. We want to believe it’s true, but hints of cream blush, rosebud salve, and ultra-light coats of mascara are dead giveaways. Well, 3-year-old Hux is the embodiment of that innocent charade, times ten. And his stint above is hilarious. When we grown-ups try to keep our beauty MO under wraps, we simply deflect to another topic. But in the video, as Yahoo! Beauty points out, the young Australian goes with another strategy: deny, deny, deny. As an adult asks a lipstick-festooned Hux if he is wearing lippie, the kid responds with an emphatic “no.” Never mind the vibrant red drawn on lips, mouth, belly, shoulder, and hands. Has he played with makeup today? He gives another firm shake of the head, as a makeup brush in one hand and what appears to be a red lip pencil in the other slowly creep behind his back. As the questions persist, Hux switches gears and passes the buck to poor Lilah — never mind she isn’t even around. We’re not sure if the boy has a future in outwitting the police or as a pro makeup artist: He sails through the friendly interrogation and cops to one thing only. That is: Yes, he’s feeling pretty — which is really all that matters anyway.

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