This $10 Accessory Will Ensure Apple’s Wireless AirPods Never Get Lost

As soon as Apple's wireless AirPods dropped, it got the internet going nuts. Now, there's a $10 addition to this list of must-have iPhone 7 accessories. The killer accessory is, drumroll, a wire for your wireless AirPods (which should be called AirBuds, thank you). CNET writes that the Spigen AirPods Strap is available for preorder and offers a $10 solution to the primary feature of the wireless earbuds. The patent is pending, although the case for patenting a strap seems somewhat dubious. Gizmodo identifies the AirPod Strap, which is distinguishable from the AirPods Strap by manufacturer, price point, and difference in spelling. The elimination of the "s" and the doubling in price lets you know that they're the luxury option. Not great news for the AirPods Strap pending patent! Some might say, "This is totally against the ethos of the AirPods, which are designed to be wireless. It's like a strap for your sunglasses: Exclusively the purview of embarrassing dads." Others might say, "The AirPods are a product design that plans obsolescence by making tiny expensive objects that cost $160." It's impossible to say who's right, really.

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