Beyoncé Helps Her Backup Dancer Put A Ring On It

At her concert in St. Louis, Beyoncé was slightly upstaged by two of her dancers, who got engaged mid-show.

Taking some advice from Queen Bey herself, backup dancer John Silver decided to put on a ring on it. Silver got down on one knee in front of his hometown and asked Beyoncé's dance captain, Ashley Everett, to marry him.

When she said yes, Beyoncé attempted to swoop in congratulate them, but it was just a little too soon. Watching Bey awkwardly moonwalk out of there is sure to make anyone's day.

Congratulations, @ashleycmeverett!! #HePutARingOnIt 💍

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Don't worry, though, Beyoncé gets her chance to celebrate the happy couple, who met on her tour, right after they got a chance to steal a few excited kisses in front of the crowd.

A fan even snapped a great shot of Beyoncé letting it be known #HePutARingOnIt, pointing right to that ring finger. All the more fitting, being that "Single Ladies" was playing in the background.

"Let me see you do the choreography after that," Beyoncé joked.

You best believe Everett got right back in formation, new ring and all.

#HePutARingOnIt 💍

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