You Need To See The All-Pug Version Of Stranger Things

Doug the Pug is a dogfluencer with a reach that belies his stubby frame. Pugs are objectionable hell creatures more befitting the Upside-Down than modern society, so the choice to parodog Stranger Things makes a certain kind of twisted logic. And we have to say, Doug the Pug may be just the puglebrity to change our minds about that particular dog breed. Let's roll the tape on this wonderful parody.

Stranger Pugs > Stranger Things

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Ok, let's break this down. First of all, Doug is a wonderful dog. Pugs are officially good to us now. Second, no talking. That's probably better. Third, the two Elevens that Doug plays are both very good. He looks much happier around some waffles, so that's also accurate to the show. He should eat some waffles, just our opinion. Here he is in El's signature wig look.

"Eleven is my spirit animal" -Doug • Can you guess what Doug The Pug video comes out tonight?

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Also, Wynona Pugger (Pugnona Ryder?) looks appropriately forlorn. But the star of the show is Barb. Wonderful Barb. With that doofy expression on your doggedly loyal face. Let's freeze-frame that and enhance.

"Long live Barb" -Doug

A photo posted by Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug) on

That's high quality Barbing.

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