Is Bridget Jones A Feminist? Renée Zellweger Tells Us What She Thinks

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Pictured: Zellweger returns as Bridget Jones.
Bridget Jones has dropped plenty of f-bombs in her time, but has "feminism" been one of them? Does a passing familiarity with the work of Germaine Greer and a willingness to square off against a sexist boss indicate a passion for women's rights? We went straight to the source to find out. "Sure — accidentally," Renée Zellweger offered during an interview with Refinery29 at the London press junket for Bridget Jones's Baby. "She's determined, and in a way she's challenging the social paradigms about what you're supposed to look like and what you're supposed to achieve or establish in your life by a certain stage in your life," she elaborated. "I think you could argue that that's pro-feminist." Zellweger, whose character is pregnant at 43 in this sequel, was quick to credit writer Helen Fielding for any feminist spirit. "That's part of the genius of Helen Fielding, [it's] that she sort of imbues these books with social commentary," she told us. "She makes it relatable through this character who is so vulnerable and authentic." Judge for yourself when Bridget Jones's Baby opens September 16.

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