Could Shake Shack’s Cookbook Reveal Its Sauce Secret?

Photo: Getty Images.
We love Shake Shack — hey, even Ina Garten loves Shake Shack! So the news of an upcoming cookbook from the beloved burger chain really threw us for a loop. Eater called our attention to this mega book deal with a post loosely detailing its contents: an introduction by owner Danny Meyer followed by "recipes and stories to bring the Shake Shack experience home." This short summary has left us with many unanswered questions. And the burning one on that list is, Could the secret Shack Sauce recipe be revealed?! Sure, learning how to prep, pound, and grill your burgers just so with perfectly melty cheese on pillowy potato buns is great — but will all that truly bring Shake Shack into the comfort of your own home? Not without the secret Shack sauce, it won't. Up until this recent announcement, we couldn't have even imagined we'd get our sticky fingers on that recipe. But now, that could all change. Here's hoping Danny Meyers does us a solid and makes our saucy dreams come true.

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