The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of This Live-Streamed Intersection

Voyeurism is the driving force behind much or maybe even most great art. Think about Rear Window, which uses the conceit of a wheelchair-bound photographer to bring us into the lives of his neighbors. Or maybe Mad Men, which often filmed Don and Betty's fights through the posts of the staircase, the way a child might see them. Or, indeed, our Money Diaries series, which allows you to vicariously experience life through the lens of someone else's finances. We're fascinated with the lives of others, full stop. So maybe that's why a live stream of an intersection in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is drawing such a crowd. Though it doesn't offer anywhere near the constant insight into the things mentioned in the above paragraph, it does offer an unselfconscious look at a passel of Americans that have no idea they're being watched. It's sort of equivalent to pressing your nose to the glass of an airplane and watching cars cruise down the freeway. Except, you know, one place. For hours. Endlessly. Naturally, people have begun catching on. There's a subreddit dedicated to the stream, offering such insights as a dabbing sheriff, a three bus incident, and a street cleaner. We probably don't need to intellectualize this too much. Anyways, watch below. Thousands of other people are.

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