20 Times Celebrities Got Real About Post-Baby Bodies

Pretty much any time a female celebrity steps out in public after having a baby, tabloid magazines will seize the photos and descend on them as fodder for analyses of the star's so-called "post-baby body." The accompanying headlines will be variations on "X Shows Off Post-Baby Body," even if "showing off" means merely going on a grocery run a few weeks after giving birth.
First of all, the fact that the term "post-baby body" even exists already speaks volumes about society's expectations for women's bodies. It's a term commonly used to celebrate women who have appeared to slim down after giving birth — and to shame those who haven't. More often than not, women are under intense scrutiny to watch their weight before, during, and after pregnancy. And if they're at the mercy of tabloid media, we can only imagine that that scrutiny is even worse.
But thankfully, some celebrities are not bowing to the pressure to "bounce back" after giving birth, and setting a good example for us all. Even if we recognize the ridiculousness of societal standards for women's bodies, it's nice to know that some awesome, high-profile ladies are standing up against the idea that weight loss should be a woman's first priority the second after she, y'know, gives birth to a child.
Ahead, we've rounded up 20 times our favorite celebrities got real about what having a "post-baby body" really means. Check it out and get inspired.

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