Amy Schumer Dunks All Over Misogynist Heckler

Amy Schumer unleashed a vicious power slam on a heckler who implored her to bare her breasts while onstage at Stockholm. The misogynist, who works in sales, yelled, "Show your tits!" during a quiet moment in the set. That's not a good idea. Don't heckle professional comedians! Come on. Here's video.
Schumer asked what he did ("Sales.") “Is that going well?” Schumer said. “’Cause we’re not buying it...if you yell out again, you’re gonna be yelling, ‘Show your tits!’ to people in the parking lot. ’Cause you’re gonna get thrown out, motherfucker.” Ok, here are some gifs that approximate how we feel about the Schumer response.
Don't mess with Schumer.

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